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The sky above them was a deep red as they walked through the wastes of what had once been the bottom of the ocean. It had dried out so long ago that people couldn't remember a time when it hadn't, such things fading into legends like many things had these days. Not that it matter on this dead world, abandoned so long ago by its children, leaving only the guardian of this planet behind, followed by the ghosts of his past. Those he had failed, others that he had sacrificed for his own life, and many others who were destined to fade into nothing, all of them were here with him.

A breeze ruffled his long dark hair slightly as he walked, the only other sound besides the cracking of the soft ground under his bare feet. The ground was almost hot enough to turn into glass, but it hadn't quite yet. Where the continents were, far above him and away, the land sparkled in the reddish glow of the sun, the heat turning everything into glass and glowing coals. Life could not thrive here and if he was like the people who had abandoned the planet, he would not be alive either.

Stopping suddenly, he looked up into the sky, one eye shining bright and clear while the other was dim and clouded over. He shouldn't be here, but yet he was, seeing for himself how the once lively planet had turned into a dead shell.

"You're getting sentimental in your old age," a ghost said as it made its presence know to him. Shaggy hair, brown eyes, an impeccable suit, and a cigarette in his mouth, just as he remembered. "I thought you had better things to do than come here."

"Guess not," he replied evenly, noticing how thin the air was. If he had been speaking to an actual person, it would be impossible to hear. "It's not like I'm here for a vacation."

There's a soft snort from the ghost before he took a long drag of his cigarette and sat down on the ground. "I know that. You shouldn't be here. It's not going to last long and I'd rather you didn't get burned up by the sun."

"I'm only here to say goodbye. Once I have, then I can go."

The ghost gave him a small smile and looked longingly out onto the horizon. "You'll see it alive and well next time around. Whether I will is another question."

That made the half-blind man chuckle softly. "Oh, I'm sure you'll see this place again, alive as it used to be when we were young. After all, you are me."

"It's not the same."

"I know," he said with a hint of sadness in his voice. "I'll find a way to change things next time around. You won't suffer like you did before."

The ghost stood up and looked at his companion. "I know. And this is goodbye until then, you ridiculous subordinate of mine."

He closed his eyes for a moment and when he opened them again, the ghost was gone. It didn't surprise him, since the ghost was never there to begin with. That was only a memory of the man he had killed so very long ago, back when he was young and reckless. It wouldn't hurt though, to give in to old memories and say farewell for good.

"Goodbye Director," he replied to the empty wasteland, staring up at the menacing sky for a moment. "I'll see you all again someday."

The breeze kicked up again and his hair fluttered with it. He grinned madly.

"So this is the end of the world."

When the wind stopped, he was gone.
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Name: Hawk
Are you 18 or over?: Yes
Other characters played: n/a


Name: Thomas Hawkins (with special guest star Alice Silverman)
Canon: Original (Tarnishedverse)
Age: claims he's about 2,013 years old, but he's actually closer to 12,500.
History: Once upon a time, there were two gods, an ice dragon and a fire dragon. They were husband and wife and loved each other greatly, but the two of them disagreed on how to deal with humanity. The fire dragon wanted to tightly control their progress to the point of a deity dictatorship while the ice dragon wanted to let humanity progress naturally with them only steppping in to make sure they don't destroy each other. They were at a stalemate until the ice dragon finally decided to do something to knock some sense into her husband and get him to realize that his way was kinda terrible for everyone involved. So she took two of their dragon children and turned them into cannibalistic beasts that attacked their father and other siblings. The fire dragon reacted in an unexpected manner to this: he confronted his wife and ripped out her soul. When her soul was removed, it shattered in half and the fire dragon was only able to keep a hold of the one half of it.

The other half of her soul created a host for itself, the first angel Thomas Hawkins. It was from the energy of his creation that all other angels were created, beings of emotion with only half of a soul. For the first fifty years of their existence, they were monsters, unable to control their powerful emotions and spread across the world, attacking anything that was stupid enough to stand against them. Then they finally were able to pull in their emotions and control themselves, making strong personalities to keep themselves from losing control once again. There was one angel who didn't though. Because of the difference between himself and the others, Thomas was still a mindless monster and couldn't get control of himself. The other angels decided to capture their oldest brother and lock him up in a hole underground until he could control himself. What they ended up doing was pretty much leave him to rot and hope everything sorted itself out. Of all the angels, only one of them would visit Thomas during his imprisonment: his twin brother Shaw, the angel of joy. It was with Shaw's help that Thomas finally gained control of himself
Point in canon: Spring 2012, after he's been abducted by a cult
Window Location: In a fairy ring located in a northern Wisconsin forest
Universe: What would happen universe was created by two scientists and they were somehow dragged into it and woven into the very fabric of spacetime of that new universe?

They would make themselves gods, attempt to create Earth into a better place than their old one, and end up making a hot mess of things when one of them decides to be a dick about godhood when trying to make humanity into what he wants it to be and tries killing his fellow deity because she tried to stop him in the worst possible way.

Because of the Creator (the dickish god) trying to play Barbie with the world, the British Empire survives past World War II at nearly full strength, supernatural and mythological creatures exist, and the United States was never colonized by the British thanks to the intervention of the gods and a small army of mentally unstable fairies helping out the native population with the whole not dying of disease thing and not having better weapons. And the United States now speaks French, calls itself the United Nations of North America, and is isolationist to the point that their technology is on a completely different level from the rest of the world.

Let's also not forget that the apocalypse has nearly happened at least once, a crazy cult has sprung up to try bringing back to life the second god, and that god's children are trying to cockblock the Creator and his children from causing even more damage to the world than they already have. Oh and there are organizations that exist across the world to either keep humanity safe from the non-humans or just outright slaughter the non-humans because lol what is living peacefully with each other humanity is superior to you freaks.
Personality: Thomas is quite a strange creature. Like the other angels, he is a being of emotion and represents the negative aspects of human emotions. Greed, hatred, lying, murder; you name it, Thomas has it. What makes him so strange is the fact that he can only feel and express these negative emotions.

The majority of whatever positive emotions, such as his maternal instincts and familial closeness stem from the subtle influence Alice's soul has had on him while he has been her host. It's because of this that Thomas stays close to the angels that have shunned him for being a monster compared to them, though he is not nearly as close to them as he is to his twin, the only one of his siblings who has never treated him as someone to be afraid of nor has ever abandoned him.
Thread Sample:
Prose Sample:


Name: Senka
Sex: Female
Form: Golden Jackal/Gyrfalcon griffin
Additional notes:
Why this form: The golden jackal half is meant to represent Benjamin Chamberlain, the other "missing" half of Thomas' soul, and Thomas himself. Both halves are closely associated with death and the afterlife as they are the the gatekeeper and ruler of the afterlife itself, not to mention the fact that Benjamin was a werejackal during his punishment. Jackals have been used to represent loneliness and abandonment, something that Thomas has lived with for most of his life. They also tend to either stay in small packs or go alone, which is a mirror to how Thomas only got close to a rare few during his long life and tends to be a loner when he has the chance to be. Golden Jackals are oddly enough from a different branch of canids than the other jackals, which works for Thomas in that on the surface, he seems like the rest of his angelic siblings, but in actuality is something quite different from them.
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Thomas Hawkins (Samael)
From Tarnishedverse, an urban fantasy series.

Thomas Hawkins (Samael)
A wild rageangel

First Appearance 2001 arc (The Girl Who Couldn't Think)
Main Character Arc 2012 arc (Draconian Corruption at its Finest)
PB Dominic Keating

In-Story Stats

Species Complete Angel (Angel/Dragon hybrid)
Angel (formerly)
Aliases Benjamin Chamberlain
Thomas Drakon ru-Kaikias
Tamsin Glascow
Tyler DiAngelo
Age 2010 (as of the 2012 arc)
Date of Birth December 7 (assumed)
July 17 (actual)
Gender Male
Family Nate Silverman (Creator/father)
Michael Kane/Séaghdha "Shaw" Hawkins (twin brother)
Jack Silverman/Adam Hawkins (brother)
David Silverman (brother)
Christian Perrault (nephew)
Charlotte "Charlie" Walker (adopted daughter/biological niece)
Justin Glascow (husband, deceased)
Cyril Faulkner/Onyx King Cyril Fiachra ri-Kaikias ru-Luna (husband)
Joshua Hawkins/Crown Prince Diantha Joshua Kaikias su-Luna (son)
Tara Hawkins/Princess Tara Luna ru-Kaikias (daughter)

Header Type #2

Category Trait
Category Trait
Thomas Hawkins (Angel Name: Samael) is a complete angel and formerly the vessel of Alice Silverman's soul. He is the result of the fusion between the incomplete angel Thomas Hawkins and the Elemental of Light, Benjamin Franklin Chamberlain. Formerly the head of the Last Line of Defense's Internal Affairs and an information broker for the Order, he is currently the Director of the Last Line of Defense as a whole.


A first generation angel and the first angel of all, Thomas was created when Nate Silverman tried killing his wife, Alice Silverman née Hawkins. Instead of killing her (as he was unable to), Nate instead split her soul in two: her dragon half with all her powers was passed down the Faolan family to be protected while her human half with all of her personality was presumed destroyed when in actuality, it was fused with Nate's negative emotions and became Thomas. His creation would be the spark that created the angel species.

Originally nothing but a group of mindless beings who lived purely by instinct and emotion, the angels attacked any human that crossed their path. After ten years of this, nearly all of the angels were able to create stable personalities that controlled their overwhelming emotions and instinct. The only exception to this rule was Thomas, who took another decade to stabilize his personality enough to control his overwhelmingly negative emotions. During that extra decade, Thomas was locked up by his younger siblings and kept away from the world while he stabilized. Only his twin brother would take care of him, as the other angels

Once all of the angels gained stable personalities, they created the Council, a group of twelve angels who would create laws all angels would abide by. One of these rules was their family name. Knowing that Alice had something to do with it, they all took her maiden name, Hawkins, as their own and use it as an act of defiance against Nate and the Silverman brood. When the rules were finally decided on, the angels dispersed to different parts of the world to keep an eye on the humans and protect them from Nate's twin children, who had been unleashed upon the world as the first vampire and therianthrope.

Thomas, not wanting to play a part in the fight against the dragons and their siblings, instead became a wanderer and a sort of storyteller, learning about the world and its people. He was content to do this for eternity, but he was eventually sucked into the vampire war that swept across Europe. Led by Nate's vampire son Arkadiy, the war was brutal and violent, something Thomas enjoyed more than he would ever let on. He would join the forces against Arkadiy knowing full well that his side was going to lose. Thanks to his abilities, Thomas would survive to fight another day and became sort of a legend to the vampires.

Everytime a war would pop up in Europe, Thomas was one of the soldiers, murdering scores of people in a psychotic assault that would end as abruptly as it started, having to leave the battlefield due to the angels linking him to the attacks. They would never find any concrete proof that it was him, but Thomas was assigned an angel that watched him, who happened to be the first angel created after both him and his twin, Adam Hawkins, the Angel of Desire. After an incident where both were captured by vampires and saved each other to escape alive, they started to respect each other and Adam allowed Thomas to continue his killing spree while sending in falsified reports to the Council that Thomas was not behind them.

Eventually, Thomas and Adam would make their way to the New World after hearing of dragons helping the natives fight off the colonists. Thomas would fight on either side as a mercenary while Adam would return to the Council and tell them that it was not Thomas, but instead a shapeshifter in his guise doing the killings. While Adam was away dealing with the Council, Thomas found himself captured by the fae, beings of magic that fell under the Plant Elemental David Silverman's realm. Realizing that Thomas was an angel straight from the Creator himself, they freed him and allowed him to work with their paladins, fae without empathy who were made that way for war. He was their moral compass, being forced not to be the monster he usually was to keep control of an army of monsters. Adam returned during his time as the morality of the paladins and assisted him, having far more knowledge of being a good person than Thomas ever did.

Once the fae and the Americans successfully repelled the English and Spanish explorers and colonists, the two angels were formally adopted by the fae and allowed to stay as diplomats to the Europeans who had interest in their land. To the humans, Thomas and Adam were fae and were treated as such, with respect and fear thanks to the vicious paladins. They were crucial in the building of a unified government between the tribes, nations, and bands of North America. This country would be made up of where the continental United States is in our universe, as the English would get a foothold in the north, gaining Canada, while the Spanish took the south, gaining Mexico. With the help of the French, the country gained an "official" language and a European ally. Thomas and Adam would be crucial in making sure the alliance would stick as well as keep the individual tribes from fighting among each other.

This work as government officials would continue until 1902 when the Last Line of Defense came into being. Thomas would be the only one of him and Adam to work there at first, being the shadowy leader of Internal Affairs up until the mid-1920's where he became head of Personnel. In 1940, Thomas would be transferred to the Field Unit Investigation department as an agent, along with newly minted agent Justin Glascow. After the declaration of war on Japan and the entrance into World War II, Thomas, Justin and newly appointed archivist Adam were sent to Europe over strange rumors that Nazi Germany were kidnapping male angels and forcing them to have children with human women. During this investigation in 1943, the three of them were attacked by Nazi troops and Adam was separated from the other two, getting captured and sent to one of the breeding sites where he would be forced to impregnate women to create nephilim, angel/human hybrids.

Unable to escape, Adam was imprisoned for a year before Thomas got the go ahead to basically break in and save his brother. He would return with Adam and one woman pregnant with Adam's child. During Adam's imprisonment, Thomas had started a relationship with Justin and upon learning that the young woman wanted to give her child away, the two of them decided to adopt the child. Born in 1944, the child would a girl that was named Charlotte Glascow by Thomas and Justin. Thomas retired as an agent and moved back to Internal Affairs so he could raise his adopted daughter. In 1945, Justin would become Director of the Last Line of Defense and Thomas stayed by his side, using his shapeshifting abilities to be his wife.

Thomas stayed in the shadows and raised his daughter, not letting her know she was a nephilim until she was in her twenties, mostly because she had activated Glory mode while on assignment for the LLD. While angry at Thomas for not telling her sooner, she ended up using her abilities to help with her job. This ended up causing Thomas to seek out other nephilim and found that one of them was being raised by Nate Silverman. He also found that a number of children were unaccounted for, missing since Allied forces raided the breeding camps. Using his LLD resources and a number of other connections, he uncovered a threat of nephilim raised to hate humanity and used agents Dominic DeSana and Jane Seymour to help him learn of this new threat, but both were butchered by the nephilim. With this and the information gathered, Thomas took the case to the Director and started a war that would last for years.

In 1998, Thomas would stumble across Cyril Faulkner, a former fae paladin with his emotions still missing and the Director of Public Relations. Learning that Cyril was the first paladin and that David himself had stolen his emotions, Thomas promised the fae that he'd return his emotions to him and eventually became good friends with him thanks to the lack of emotion and Thomas' own emotional issues due to his creation. top

2001 Arc
Caption for this image.
In 2001, Thomas is still the Director of Internal Affairs, but thanks to the Order and new Director Benjamin Franklin Chamberlain's dislike of the Order, he was forced to split his time between D.C. and Saint Louis. Giving himself the alias of Tyler DiAngelo, he ran a night club and was an information broker for Order members, LLD agents, and the numerous vampire clans and therian packs.

Charlotte, who was working a case with the Order liaison Tristan Williams, came to him asking for information on a young German immigrant who had been found at the scene of an explosion. Using his contacts, he found out the girl was from 1912 and was from New Amsterdam. Later, he would speak to Charlotte about Justin's declining health and how she should make time to go visit him before he gets too ill. Thanking her adopted father for the information, she left with Tristan without a word about her other father.

Thomas would later be called up to perform the LLD's form of witness protection on Tristan Williams. Transferring his soul to a new body, Thomas gave him a job working in Archives for Adam. When asked about how Thomas was able to pull that off, he merely said he had contacts and left Tristan to his new life. top

2005 Arc
While Thomas spearheaded the war against the anti-human nephilim, he is unusually absent from this arc. This is because Justin Glascow finally succumbed to old age and illness, dying just before the arc started and Thomas was in mourning. Charlotte mentions Thomas to the leaders of the Last Line of Defense, Her Majesty's Huntsmen, and the Demon Corps. as the man who started the search for the nephilim and uncovering the missing ones. He's later brought up in conversation by Adam and Cyril, who speak of Thomas as the man nobody truly knows and that it is fitting due to his directorship of Internal Affairs.top

2012 Arc
Somehow, before the arc, Thomas was kidnapped by a cult wanting to resurrect Alice Silverman and the half of her soul removed and placed into Mia Hawkins, a second-generation angel who had the special ability of being an empath. Upon awakening before Alice, it was found out that he had no memory of who he was nor did he have any of the memories of Nate Silverman. Using this to her advantage, Alice manipulated Thomas into believing that he was her son and telling him that his true name was Samael. She also made him believe that his friends, family, and allies were all enemies that he had to destroy and that he was the loyal agent of Alice.

Releasing him into the world, Thomas was found by Shaw, and was taken back to LLD headquarters where he underwent tests to find that half of his soul was missing. Seeing Tala Faolan, he mistook her for Alice and treated her as such. Shaw, who figured out what might have happened, brought Thomas in front of the Council, where he went on a rampage and tried to kill the sitting members on the Council. While Thomas had them busy with that, Tala was taken by Alice's soldiers and had her body and the dragon half of her soul forcibly removed. Tala's soul found itself drawn to Thomas and connected itself to him, telling him the truth about Alice and figuring that Thomas' memories were suppressed due to the trauma of losing half of his soul.

Bringing the dragons in, Thomas and Tala told them what Alice was planning and asked for a way to bring back his memories. Benjamin Chamberlain stepped up and used his powers to force Thomas into a comalike state where he would have to fight for the return of his memories. With both Benjamin and Thomas out of the fight, Nate took charge and led both the angels and dragons into war against Alice that lasted for eight months with neither side gaining the upper hand.

Once Thomas woke up with regained memories, he learned that both angels and dragons were incomplete beings and that the only way they would become complete was for them to fuse together into one being. This came with a terrible downside, as one of the beings would be suppressed and technically no longer exist. Knowing this horrible truth, Thomas knew the only way to stop Alice was to do so and he fused with the dragon he was supposed to fuse with: Benjamin Franklin Chamberlain, the Elemental of Light. As he did that, all other dragons and angels fused with their other self, cutting the number of angels and dragons down to ten. Of all the angels, Thomas was the only one who survived intact as Benjamin never wanted to live forever and gave control to Thomas willingly, asking him to save Tala from Alice before he disappeared for good.

Now a complete being with elemental abilities and his own angel powers, Thomas made his way to the battlefield where he faced Alice herself. Using his new abilities and the knowledge of two thousands of years old beings in his body, he was able to finally defeat Alice and pull her soul out of Mia's body, allowing her to fuse with Tala's body and soul to become a complete being with Alice's personality destroyed for good. Unknowingly at first, Thomas absorbed Mia's special ability which made him an empath. With Alice gone for good, Mia in a coma, and the angelic dragons dealing with their new fused forms, Thomas disappeared from the world stage to be with Cyril, using Benjamin's name to run the LLD as its new Director while the humans learned of the supernatural and magical beings that inhabited their world with them.


Thanks to being an angel and later fusing with a dragon, Thomas has a number of abilities, some which he has control over and others that he cannot. Like every angel, he has his own special ability and since the fight with Alice Silverman while she was in Mia Hawkins' body, he has gained a second that keeps him alive much easier than his original angelic body.

  • Original (Angelic) Abilities

    • Teleportation: Like all angels in his universe, Thomas has the ability to teleport from one place to another. He can teleport to places he's never seen before without ending up inside a wall or a person thanks to an innate sense that keeps him from doing so. This innate sense cannot tell him if people are nearby nor can be used outside of aiming his teleports. When he vanishes, he leaves behind a few large black feathers.

      • Special Ability- Forced Teleportation: Thomas' special ability that no other angel in his 'verse has is the ability to be called to a person's side. By saying his real name (either just Thomas or Thomas Hawkins), he is summoned usually behind a person. He cannot control this ability, much to his annoyance, which causes him to sometimes be summoned while he's asleep.

    • Flight: Thomas has on his back a pair of large black feathered wings that allow him to fly. Normally, they are hidden due to his wings being his weak point (pet them and he's nothing more than a big ol' loving cat. injure them and he'll try to rip your head off).
    • Angel Physiology: Because he's an angel, he is immune to all poisons and medicines, including such things as caffeine and alcohol. Luckily for Thomas, angels don't get sick, but he is quite annoyed he cannot get drunk.

      • Accelerated Healing: Thanks to angel physiology, he can heal much faster than a human, able to shrug off everything less than a headshot with some time.
      • Glowing Eyes: According to Thomas, his eyes glow a light blue at night or in low level light because it helps him see better. This is in fact a lie and they just glow because he's an angel. He can control when they glow and how bright, but it's just an intimidation technique his type has.

  • Gained (Draconic) Abilities

    • Element of Light: As the new Elemental of Light, he gains control of light-based attacks and defenses, which usually shows in the form of electricity. As he's only had this power for the past eight years, it's still wildly uncontrollable and the only time it's used is instinctively as a defense mechanism or accidentally when his emotions get too out of control. Thanks to this power, his body is able to take large amounts of electricity into his body with the only effect being that he's rather...bouncy.
    • Minor Shapeshifting: Thomas has some shapeshifting abilities thanks to Benjamin, but nowhere near as much as he did. He can shift into a woman and back, as well as change parts of his body into a more draconic form (like claws for hands or feet, his teeth into sharp fangs, gain a tail) but never a complete dragon form.
    • Empathy: This power is not from Benjamin, but in fact stolen from Mia Hawkins when Alice Silverman was in her body. It allows him to sense the emotions of others around him and feed off said emotions by absorbing them like a sponge to keep him alive. He also can temporarily remove the emotions from a person with his empathy, leaving a person more rational and logical for a few hours before their emotions start to slowly filter back in.


Side Story- From the Archives of the Last Line of Defense, Department Seven: 1932-1976

Unlike the other Tarnishedverse characters, Thomas has a side story dedicated to him and a new band of characters as they work for the LLD's Department Seven and fight rogue supernatural beings who wish to harm humans or reveal their existence to them.top
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1. Player Information
Name (or internet handle): Hawk
Current characters in Bete Noire: Nicholas Rush, Nate Silverman, Gabriel Belmont

2. Character Information
Name: Thomas Hawkins
Livejournal Username: [livejournal.com profile] rejecthumanity
Fandom: Original (AU)
Image: http://l-userpic.livejournal.com/105782548/31853658

3. Character Information II
Age/Appearance: His age is around two thousand and twenty years old, looking to be a man in his thirties. He's a shorter man and somewhat more on the skinny side, having short brown hair and blue eyes. He is in top physical form from years of training and fighting that he continues to this day. Like all angels, he can gain a pair of wings, his set a pair of feathered black wings. Upon arrival, Thomas will be wearing his life support suit, a navy blue flightsuit with wires and a small power source built into it that also comes with a breathing mask that allows him to survive in the poisoned surface of his Earth and goggles to shield his eyes from dust and sand. Over his suit he wears a cloak and hood that he uses to protect himself from the elements.
History: (FANDOM CHARACTERS ONLY) Provide a wiki link, or a link to a summary of the character's history. If no such summary exists, please write one at least a few paragraphs long.
Personality: Thomas, like all angels in his universe, is a being made of emotions, his the negative emotions of humanity. These emotions are felt far more strongly than positive emotions and he is addicted to the rush he gets when experiencing them, which means he'll do anything to feel them. This is a survival mechanism as if he doesn't experience them after a short period of time, he'll die. He has no problems doing anything to experience them as his moral compass is twisted and his desire to live is far stronger than caring about the morality of his actions. When experiencing these emotions to survive, he tends to get high on them, giving him an air of insanity that fades quickly after his emotions have run their course. Thanks to the apocalypse though, this need has lessened slightly and with the rush of emotions stays his sanity, unless he's fighting. Anything else, he's able to keep his cool, but he has always been far too fond of causing fights and getting trouble.

That isn't to say he's actually a negative person. Normally, he's quite calm and doesn't seem to hate anybody. He has the capacity to love and can be quite caring, but he tends to show it by being emotionally distant or violent, although he's usually only violent to those who can fight back and do so, not finding it right to attack somebody who cannot defend themselves. He does have morals, but only in the context of would it be right to hurt somebody who cannot defend themselves from such things. The weak, poor, and children are usually safe from his attacks and he is almost gleeful when manipulating or downright killing those who go after them. Surprisingly, even though he's not human, he tends to have a dislike of therianthropes, vampires, and shapeshifters as they are created from Nate and "accepted" as his kind are not.
Sexual Preferences/Orientation: Like all angels, Thomas is an emotional being and used to use sex as an outlet for these emotions, but due to the apocalypse, he's become celibate in order to not create nephilim children. He's normally not picky with partners, although he is monogamous and identifies himself as homosexual.
Powers: Thomas is an angel, which has gifted him with a few physical differences from humans. His bones are much more durable than a human's; poisons, toxins, and medications do not work on him, but on the flip side, he doesn't get sick. He has accelerated healing, which cuts down on his healing time, but it is not instantaneous.

He also gains the ability of teleportation, normally disappearing in an explosion of black feathers. This has an extra side effect to it. When people say his name when he's not around, he is involuntarily forced to teleport behind the person that said his name. (of course in game, this would would only happen if people okay it first.)
Reason for playing: Thomas is a kind of character I've wanted to play for a while. He doesn't have any morals behind his own very twisted ones and is pretty much the embodiment of nearly every negative aspect of a human being that can fit into one person. From the AU he's coming from, he's been mellowed out a bit, but it'd be interesting to play if he stays mellow in the city or he gives in and becomes even worse than he was originally.

4. Original Character Supplement
World History: Thomas comes from Tarnishedverse, the universe created by Alice and Nate Silverman. It's much like our world, only with supernatural beings such as vampires, therianthropes, and shapeshifters. At least up until 2010 when the apocalypse happened, destroying most of humanity and most of the angels were changed into humans.
Character History: Like all first generation angels, Thomas was created by Nate Silverman's inability to deal with murdering his wife. In fact, he was the first angel, encompassing all of Nate's negative emotions, as well as having Nate's memories up to that point (like all of those angels have). He and the rest of his kind decided to not tell Nate about their existence, instead voting on who would lead them. Thomas took his name out of the voting and it would eventually be decided that the second oldest angel, Adam, would lead them. Taking Alice's surname, Adam decided all angels would spread out across the world and help humanity in ways that the dragons would never allow.

Thomas stayed low for most of his life until he joined the newly created Last Line of Defense in 1902, working in Internal Affairs for most of his career, although he would switch between Personnel and the Agents when he was needed to assist. He would eventually befriend and later date Justin Glascow, the Director of the LLD starting in June of 1945. He was Justin's right hand man, standing by him when the Compromise was put into law in July and later assisting in the efforts to stop the anti-human nephilim from succeeding. Before that though, Thomas, along with Justin and new recruit (and younger brother) Adam, was sent to Europe during World War II to discover if there was any truth to the rumors that the Nazis were creating nephilim. They found out they were thanks to the three of them getting ambushed and Adam getting captured. After two months of waiting for Adam's stupid ass to free himself, Thomas broke in and rescued him and one of the women he was forced to impregnate. Once the woman gave birth, the child was given to Thomas and Justin to raise. Naming her Charlotte and giving her Justin's last name, she lived happily with her uncles while Adam had nothing to do with her.

Thomas kept out of the major points of the 21st century, instead working in the shadows to fight the supernaturals that threatened humanity. Until the apocalypse occurred. (Note: this is where the AU begins) Nate and his group of children were sent to stop the apocalypse and failed, leaving the angels to create underground cities to place some of the human populations in. They didn't have enough time before the poison set in and killed most of the population before they could be taken underground. The angels made their home in an underground city that had never gotten its original human population and stayed there, only venturing outside if they needed to travel to another city to check on their human companions. They lived like this for a decade until Nate and his children returned, finding themselves in the angels' city. Nate, angry that he had failed, tried forcing the angels to become humans to help repopulate the planet, but Thomas stopped him by kicking him in the balls and threatening to rip them off and beat him with them. Realizing that the angels would never approve of his methods, he gave them a choice: become human and live in the city or be exiled from the city and forever travel the poisonous wastelands aboveground. Thomas chose the latter.

5. Samples
First-Person: (5-10 sentences) [There's a scraping sound for a second before the video turns on, revealing a person wearing goggles and a sort of breathing mask that covered his face, making it impossible to tell what he looks like. When he speaks, it's mechanical sounding, thanks to his mask.]

Wh-What? This is impossible. I thought all of the surface cities were destroyed by the poison and winds. It has to be some sort of trick. There's no way that a city this size could survive with people able to breathe without masks--

[He takes a moment to take off his mask and speak with a slight accent after he takes a deep breath, his voice quieter as he mutters to himself.]

This is interestin'. If I could go back to where my siblings were, I could bring them here, safe from persecution. We wouldn't have to worry about that feathery bastard anymore.

[He then notices the device and speaks at a normal volume, poking at it experimentally as he does.]

Hello? If this thing is workin', I'd like to ask a few questions of everyone who inhabits this city.
Third-Person: (200 words minimum) The poisonous winds whipped around him as he made his way out of the chamber that led to the city below. He was exiled, most of the others staying to be human and finally have normal lives. Thomas hated them for that and he felt the small rush that came with the emotions. He felt no joy from that, a rare occasion for him, but it was much like the grief he had for his lover and daughter and grandchildren. They were all gone, Justin by age while Charlie and the kids taken by the poisons that killed the world.

He didn't mind being out here in the wastelands alone. He just didn't like the fact that he'd been betrayed by his fellow angels, his siblings. Thomas walked on for hours in the wastelands, getting as far away from the underground city as possible before he settled down for the night. Hopefully he would find one of the remaining buildings in the area. He doubted he would though, but he wasn't going to give up so easily. It was starting to darken though and he knew the nights were worse than day, so he kept moving. The winds were dying down, strangely enough, until they stopped completely and Thomas found himself in Bete Noire. People walking around without life support suits and as if the world hadn't ended. It was fascinating. He needed to find out more. He figured he'd find out soon enough.
Third-Person #2: (200 words minimum)
He was never one to say no to a good fight, especially when he got the adrenaline rush that he so loved and needed to survive. So it was a good thing when he found himself surrounded by three nephilim that he had been ordered to take down.

"It'd be in your best interests to give up now before I gotta go and kick your asses," Thomas said with a smirk, his normally hidden Southern drawl pulled out at the excitement of getting into a decent fight. "I think it'd be damn embarrassin' for y'all to get beaten up by an old man."

The nephilim didn't seem worried by Thomas, who wasn't exactly the most intimidating person in the world, and instead moved in to circle him.

"We're not afraid of humans, not even you LLD agents. You can't beat us up. You're outnumbered!" The leader of the nephilim was the one to speak, a cocky young man that couldn't be more than twenty-three. "All three of us are nephilim. There's no way you stand a chance."

"There ya go, puttin' words in my mouth. Gotta stop doin' that before you annoy me." He was happy, not a good sign if you knew the man well enough, and black wings appeared from his back, slightly transparent as he vanished in an explosion of black feathers. The nephilim looked around and didn't see him, but then he appeared behind the leader, arm snaking around his neck tightly as he laughs, sounding completely psychotic. "Never told ya I was human, kids."

The boy in his grasp made a sort of odd choking sound and Thomas looks down and tsks almost sadly. "Isn't this such a shame, you boys are never gonna grow old or learn from your mistakes. I'm in a bad mood, but I'll be nice and make this quick." He squeezes his arm around the boy's neck until it makes a sickening snap, his body immediately going limp. Tossing the corpse away, he looks at the remaining two, who are taking a step back from him.

"Come on, kids, you said I was outnumbered. Use Glory form on me. I promise I won't be usin' mine."

"No fucking way," one murmured to the other, looking panicked as Thomas watched them with a smirk. "I didn't know the LLD had crazyass angels working for them!"

"We can beat him with Glory form," the other hissed in reply. "I don't think he'll just let us go anyway. If I'm going to die, might as well go down fighting."

Thomas heard that and clapped happily. "Now that's what I like to hear. Boys dyin' as heroes for fuckin' useless causes."

Both glared and shifted to Glory form, each gaining six white wings and seeming to be bathed in a bright light. Thomas wasn't worried and instead drew both of his guns, firing them at both nephilim's heads. They were frozen for a moment before the light dissipated and the wings disintegrated, both nephilim dropping to the ground dead. Putting away both guns, he walked up to the two bodies and looked down sadly, his adrenaline rush disappearing since the fight was finished.

"Told you I wouldn't be usin' my Glory form." He takes out his phone and dials a number, putting it up to his ear as it rings. When somebody answers, he speaks calmly into the phone. "This is Director Hawkins. I need to have three bodies to be sent to the crematory. All of them nephilim. Sorry, they went into Glory mode."

He hangs up the phone before any more questions can be asked and walks off, leaving the bodies to be picked up for disposal.


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